Juntas De Estanqueidad

Somos uno de los profesionales China (Mainland) fabricantes que trabajan en juntas de estanqueidad. Los siguientes elementos son los productos relativos de juntas de estanqueidad, puede encontrar rápidamente el juntas de estanqueidad en la lista.

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  • packing ring TSP

    Made through molding of flexible graphite materials and various braided packings.
    Applications: Packing sealing for valves, pumps and reaction vesse

  • matel gaskets TS001

    A company serving consumers through the development of quality products, gasket, gaskets, spiral wound gasket, heat exchanger gasket, metal jacked gas

  • gaskets sheet TSP100

    Expanded Graphite Sheet & Roll are selected from the high purity natural flake graphite.They are made through the advanced chemical treatment and mech

  • ptfe cushion gaskets TSG800

    Made from quality PTFE resin, powdered graphite, Mos2, high temperature resistant lubricant and glass fiber through press shaping and sintering

  • manufacure sealing ptfe gaskets TSG300

    The gasket can be applied for corrosive fluids, pure oxygen gas and vacuum lines.

  • spiral wound gasket TSG400

    The gasket uses expanded graphite tape as the filler material which provides superb sealability even under severe conditions such us high temperature.

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